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Hot Sauce Fundraiser


Hot Sauce Fundraiser 


Looking for a new and exciting fundraiser for your organization?

Tired of selling the same products year after year with diminishing returns?


Then try our

Jaba Foods has a SPECIALTY DIVISION within our company to help raise funds for local charities, schools, clubs & associations, and festivals.

Your group can make money selling OUR products with YOUR name, logo, or image on them. AND BEST OF ALL, NO SETUP CHARGE!!!

Our products sell for as low as $4.00 a bottle and you sell them for $7.00 a bottle.
That's a HUGE profit!!!

A couple of Success Stories
as of 01/01/2015

School #1 - Southern Colorado Area
17 Students sold 22 cases (264 Bottles) in less than 24 hours going door to door. The school re-doubled their order and sold out in the next 14 days.
PROFIT: OVER $1900.00

School #2 - Colorado Resort Town
16 Students sold 20 cases (240 Bottles) over the summer at the local street festivals and door to door. The school has re-ordered 24 cases (288 Bottles).
PROFIT: OVER $1800.00

School #3 - Metro Denver
8 Students sold 24 cases (288 Bottles) over ONE WEEKEND at a major Denver summer street festival.
PROFIT: Over $1000.00

Youth Football Program - Metro Denver
75 Youths sold 131 cases (1572 Bottles) over a 3 week period. 
PROFIT: Over $5502.00

and many, many more!


Jaba Foods offers many of its' products for fundraising.


  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Little League Teams
  • Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Rotary Clubs
  • and more!!!

We can put your logo, on our products, and you sell them as a fundraiser. Dozens of products to choose from. 


Jaba Foods Fundraising - Quick, Easy, Profitable and Fun! With Jaba Foods as your fundraising solution you earn high profits and save valuable time. Experienced Fundraising Specialists will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your fundraising goals. Whether you're a small group or large organization, we are dedicated to making your next fundraiser a great success. The sooner you start - the sooner you'll succeed with Jaba Foods. 

Jaba Food's fundraiser programs offer the solutions you are looking for in choosing a fundraising partner: 

  • American Made Products 
  • Free Pre-sale Flyers and Order Booklets 
  • Knowledgeable Sales Consultants to answer questions and support you from start to finish
  • Highest quality products

Why choose Jaba Foods for your next fundraiser?

We literally sell THOUSANDS of bottles of hot sauce a week in grocery stores, curio shoppes, and over the internet EACH WEEK! Many restaurants use our sauces and have their name on the bottle!

We really have a HOT PRODUCT!!!

Call us and setup an appointment to discuss how www.Jaba can help your school, church, or non-profit raise money for your organization.

Call us today! 303-280-3097

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